A L U M N I 



MAIA Alumni are always encouraged to come back and visit! Each semester, MAIA hosts a special day to welcome back alumni with food, activities and plenty of time to reconnect. Current students and alumni are  encouraged to network and share their experiences.


Thanks to all who attended Alumni Day Spring 2019!  Our next Alumni Day is set for April 18th 2020, come join us!

Save the Date!

April 18


The MAIA Buddy Program's mission is to provide a safe, supportive, on-going, mentorship and friendship. We strive to create this relationship through facilitating the transition from MAIA to University life in America. We do this by fostering interactions with buddies through cultural events, providing transportation services, and ongoing support during the mentorship.

While the Buddy Program is currently closed, we will be preparing to start it up again.  Please check back soon for updates!



Download the yearbook from previous years here, or consider purchasing your own beautiful copy HERE.