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Level 1


  • Can produce simple, mainly isolated phrases about himself/herself, people, and places.

  • Can ask and answer simple questions.

  • Can employ a few simple grammatical structures and sentence patterns that are replicated.

  • Can pronounce a very limited repertoire  of learned words and phrases which can be understood with some effort by native speakers used to dealing with speakers of his or her language group.



  • Can write simple isolated phrases and sentences.

  • Can write sentences which answer the question clearly.

  • Can write using simple connectors like and/but.

  • Can use grammar introduced at this level with some accuracy.

  • Can express basic communication needs using sufficient vocabulary (basic) with correct form and meaning.

  • Can copy familiar words and short phrases. Can put a period at the end of each sentence.



  • Can follow/recognize speech that is very slow and carefully articulated with long pauses for him/her to assimilate meaning to identify topic and main ideas.

  • Can preview listening topic by using visual cues to activate background knowledge.

  • Can make predictions about the topic.

  • Can get clarification from the speaker as needed.

  • Can write basic words during dictation type listenings from the textbook at this level.



  • Can understand short, simple texts including informational material, identifying basic purpose, main ideas and supporting details.

  • Can summarize a simple text based on gist and key details in a few sentences.

  • Can activate schema, preview text, and make basic predictions .

  • Can use familiar context to understand commonly used vocabulary.

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