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Board Game - Chinglish - Ultimate Frisbee - Outdoor Adventure - Student Government Association - History - Volleyball - Art - Speech -  Cinema  - Volunteer - Badminton - Magic - Book - Choir - Poetry

Art Club

Time: Fridays 1:30-3:30

Are you creative? Do you like to draw, paint or design? Join Art club for a relaxing hour every other Friday and a chance to learn different techniques or simply have fun with friends!

Jason Hash.jpg

Club Leader: Jason


Cinema Club

Time: Wednesdays 7 to 9pm

Cinema Club is a great way to have fun with friends and improve your English! Students who would like to get more practice with their listening skills find great success with watching movies. So whether you enjoy Action and Adventure, or Fantasy or even Horror, join us every other week for free snacks and entertainment!

Jason Hash.jpg

Club Leader: Jason

Sci Fi Dragon

Magic the Gathering Club

Time: Monthly on Fridays at Lunch

Do you like card games? Are you playing Hearthstone on your phone? Ok, let go of that phone, because Magic: The Gathering is 10 times better than that game, maybe the best game ever! We will practice the basics of magic, one-on-one and multiplayer games, improve our competitive strategy skills, and learn a lot of English vocabulary in the process. We'll see what the club members want - maybe we're just playing casual games at MAIA, or we can go to the card game stores in Worcester and Fitchburg to compete and even win some prizes! If you like strategy games in a fun fantasy environment, this club is for you. Magic: The party club meets in the cafeteria.

Henry Gerlits 1.jpg

Club Leader: Mr.Gerlits


Historical Society

Time: TBD

The Historical Society welcomes anyone who wants to learn about American history near MAIA! The club meets once a month to travel to nearby historical attractions, so you can enjoy the exciting New England area (and practice English!) If you wish, you will also have the opportunity to introduce others to the history in China!

Jason Hash.jpg

Club Leader: Jason


Toastmasters Club

Time: TBD

The speech club is a place where students develop interpersonal skills and become comfortable when talking to large audiences. The club focuses on impromptu and persuasive speeches. We welcome everyone to join, and to bring their own ideas and suggestions. By the end of the year, students will be able to easily present a variety of topics. The toastmasters club meets in the MAIA auditorium.

sam bor.jpg

Club Leader: Sam

Board Game Club.jpg

Board Game Club

Time: Biweekly TBD

For those students who find enjoyment in a low-key atmosphere sitting around a table with their friends, MAIA offers Board Game Club. Students are encouraged to learn a variety of classic board games and teach others about their favorites, whether they be strategic, casual, or a simple source of cheap entertainment. Board Game Club is a safe place to share conversation while having friendly competition. Come pull up a chair and join!

Peter B-Tile.jpg

Club Leader: Peter


Badminton Club

Time: TBD

Come play a competitive game of badminton with friends and SAs. Improve your game and have fun!

sam bor.jpg

Club Leader: Sam


Chinglish Club

Time: Monthly

Chinglish Club offers MAIA students the opportunity to meet with American students. Every month we invite students from Marlborough High School to come to MAIA for language exchanges, do interesting cultural events, and have the opportunity to meet local American friends. Joining the Chinglish Club is a great way to improve your English skills and learn more about American culture!

Peter B-Tile.jpg

Club Leader: Peter and Sam

Volunteer Club edit.jpg

Volunteer Club

Time: Once Per Session

Once a session, students are invited to do some form of volunteering or community service work locally. Activities may include going to a soup kitchen or a community cleanup day. If students have ideas of other places to volunteer, they can bring any suggestions to the SA office.

Jalilah Gonsalves 2.jpg

Club Leader: Jalilah


Poetry Club

Time: Thursdays at 3:00

The Poetry Club is a group of students who are all excited about the art of poetry! Primarily, we want to achieve self-expression and enhance our literacy through the writing and performance of poetry.

Kobi Worsley.jpg

Club Leader: Kobi


Outdoor Adventure Club

Time: TBD

The Outdoor Adventure Club offers students the opportunity to explore and learn about the outdoors and nature! There are many beautiful places in New England that are worth exploring. Each month, students will have approximately 2-3 events to participate. Outdoor adventure club activities may include hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing/snowboarding, ice skating, camping and more!


Club Leader: All SAs


Frisbee Club

Time: TBD

At this club, students will learn the history, foundation and basics of Ultimate Frisbee. All students are welcome! This club meets weekly to master the skills of Ultimate Frisbee and practice teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship. We will practice in indoor and outdoor venues and possibly participate in employee-to-student competitions as well as in school-wide competitions.

sam bor.jpg

Club Leader: Sam Bor


Student Government

Time: Weekly TBD

Students who join the Student Government Association will be able to develop leadership skills and assume the role of representing the student body. Students will be assigned to various positions at MAIA and will contribute to new activities and events for all students. SGA meets every week.

Jalilah Gonsalves 2.jpg

Club Leader: Jalilah

Study Group on the Grass

Book Club

Time: TBD

Do you like reading? Do you like to learn new stories? Or do you want to improve your English? Join the book club and have the opportunity to explore the world of literature! Students will get together to talk about books and stories they like and get help with reading comprehension. We will also watch movies based on books that we read!

Jason Hash.jpg

Club Leader: Jason

Volleyball Club edit.jpg

Volleyball Club

Time: Wednesdays at 3:00

With Volleyball, students from all levels are welcome to join! Whether you are looking for a fun way to exercise or just enjoy the sport, SA Jalilah offers basic training.

Jalilah Gonsalves 2.jpg

Club Leader: Jalilah

Choir Club.jpg

Choir Club

Time: Biweekly TBD

Do you like to sing in the shower? Do you add harmony to your favorite songs while listening to the radio? Do your friends call you a diva? If you are interested in relieving stress, building a sense of community, and learning the lyrics to American songs, join Choir Club! We are a friendly group of people that simply enjoy making music together. Instrumentalists are welcome, too!

Peter B-Tile.jpg

Club Leader: Peter + Kobi

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