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Data Privacy Policy

Massachusetts International Academy (Company Name Cermax Corporation, henceforth known as MAIA) is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and security of data submitted by anyone entering information into web site forms located at MAIA.EDU or MAIACADEMY.ORG (henceforth known as MAIA website) and by these domain's sub-pages.  Submitting data on our forms, or other methods of data collection on the MAIA website, requires the submitter agree to this document, the Data Privacy Policy.

You agree that data can be processed and stored on: Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box, MAIA's internal file server and locally on MAIA staff computers.  Your information may also be shared with outside parties at the discretion of MAIA so that we may better understand your suitability for MAIA's programs or MAIA's University\College partners.  MAIA will not sell your information to outside parties for profit.  We may use your email and physical address to periodically send you information about: MAIA, MAIA's University\College partners, Alumni events, and inquire about your interest in joining MAIA. 

The MAIA website includes many forms, many of which are intended for current students or residents of the United States.  We invite members of all countries to potentially become a student at MAIA!  However, individuals who are submitting data from the Eurpoean Union territories must only fill out the Application Form and Request Information Form and not any other form.   If you are from the EU and have any questions, please contact us by phone at 508-229-6300.

Individuals may request changes to records by resubmitting the form in question and sending an email to requesting to dispose of the incorrect form.   Individuals may request disposal of submitted data by emailing


Acceptance to MAIA implies the student and guardians will adopt the Privacy Policy outlined in the Student Handbook and that supersedes the Data Privacy Policy for the MAIA website.  


Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics is a simple website analytics service which measures the traffic and visitors' general details of the customers' websites. Collecting these statistics, a website can make their visitors' experience better (e.g. which pages they visit and when, where they are approximately located, where does a user land first or if they are coming from a specific referral).

Basically, as a website owner using Visitor Analytics, we are using cookies to collect data about visitors' device type and screen size, approximate location, browser, OS, partial IPs, page visits, bounce rate, conversions and popular content on the website. All this data is pseudonymized and Visitor Analytics will never use the collected data to identify individual users or to match it with additional information on an individual user. Each visitor has control over the cookies placement.

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