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Office: C200 (Front Desk)

Kristiane Niles is originally from the Boston area and has been with MAIA since 2014. She had attended multiple colleges on the east coast and studied art education. After meeting her now husband in 2008 in Spartanburg South Carolina, she remained in the Carolinas while he was stationed there in the United Stated Army. In 2009, she became a part of the FRG Family (Family Readiness Group). This family was made up of military spouses and their family members to help support each other while their love ones were deployed in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. With the FRG, she helped plan events for military families, and gathered and organized donations to send overseas to our troops. In 2012, Kristiane moved back to her roots and did some volunteer work with Build Together Boston. In 2016, she married the love of her life and they bought their first home in 2018. Kristiane is a big animal person and DIYer. She loves all outdoor adventures. She has a passion for art, loves music, has an eye for photography, enjoys cooking, homemaking, scrapbooking and crafting.

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