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Quincy Market Field Trip

Today we took our students from Food & Culture into Boston to experience the history and culture of the foods in the area.

The goal of our project was to have students learn more about the history of Boston food and the culture surrounding the foods. They learned about infamous foods such as: Boston Baked Beans, clam chowder, lobster, and Boston cream pie. In groups of three they had to collaborate and create questions that they would then turn around and ask Boston residents about. The one stipulation was that they not only had to know the answers to their questions, but also some fun facts about the foods. Their goal was to then interview six people and record their answers in a video on their phones. It was the ultimate challenge for them to approach strangers and get them to agree to a short interview. Our students rose to meet that challenge and on Wednesday, February 1, they will present their videos in a short presentation.

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