Museum of Science - Da Vinci Exhibit

The Boston Museum of Science featured a special exhibit on the life and works of the mysterious genius Leonardo Da Vinci. The brilliantly curated exhibit entertained and informed MAIA students with multimedia displays, larger than life graphics, and live models of Da Vinci's inventions, many of which Da Vinci never saw himself as they didn't leave the pages of his illustrious diaries--which were also on display. The genius of Da Vinci was truly demonstrated by the sheer span of his work. Through the expansive exhibit, students learned about the historical life of a magnificent human being and his contributions to the development of human flight, civil engineering, painting, anatomy, and countless other subjects. The Da Vinci exhibit was only part of the students' amazing Museum of Science experience. Students were privy to the entire museum featuring exhibits such as the Butterfly Garden, a collection of optical illusions, Mathematica: A World of Numbers, Natural Mysteries, the Theater of Electricity, the Clark Collection of Mechanical Movements, Innovative Engineers, Nanotechnology. And all those exhibits were in just one wing of the building! The entire experience is impossible to convey, but the words of one MAIA student explain it all: "The Museum of Science show me new things and also made me think in new ways about things I already knew."

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