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KTV Karaoke Nights

These first two weeks at MAIA have our 160 students busy with orientation, their first week of classes, adjusting to life in a new country, and of course, homework. Luckily, they were given two great opportunities to relax and have some fun at our Friday night KTV karaoke nights! Students showed off their singing skills alongside music videos from the U.S., China, and around the world!

Last week, our students were greeted with a classic American summertime treat, ice cream! Unique flavors, such as Muddy Bean Boots and cookie dough, introduced students to some New England tastes alongside an array of sweet and colorful toppings. SAs Caroline and Ashley started things off with a dramatic rendition of Frozen's "Let It Go," followed by over two hours of student performances, including a freestyle rap number, and a song by Amanda from the China office.

This week, students got another opportunity to showcase their karaoke talents, this time accompanied by a tasty nacho bar. Students sang songs in English and Mandarin, and really stepped out of their comfort zones!

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