Geocaching and Dumpling Festival

This weekend, MAIA students got out into the community for some great local events! On Saturday, students visited a local nature trail, and on Sunday enjoyed some delicious treats at a Dumpling Festival in Boston.

Fall in New England is all about the beautiful changing leaves and spending time outside. MAIA is located close to some amazing state parks and nature trails, which our students got the chance to explore this weekend. While walking through woodland trails and spending some quality time in nature, students used GPS coordinates to find hidden objects and treasures in an activity called geocaching. Geocaches are hidden nationwide! Here are some photos from the event:

On Sunday, students spent their day at one of Boston's best festival areas, the Central Flea, for their annual Dumpling Festival. Students sampled dumplings, purchased products from local vendors, and took the opportunity to explore a new area of Boston. At the end, students enjoyed New England flavors from the Ben & Jerry's ice cream truck, here's a photo of the whole gang!

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