Flying High at Sky Zone!

This week at MAIA students got out of their comfort zones and tried a unique, fun way to exercise at Sky Zone in Westborough! Sky Zone is dedicated to providing participants with the pure joy that comes with flying. They are sky lovers, thrill seekers and people who believe that fitness can be fun and play can be smart. Students jumped for joy this week when they showed their skills at flipping, flying, dodgeball, and shooting hoops, all while on trampolines!

At the local SkyZone trampoline park, students spent the afternoon getting some exercise and taking some rad slow-motion videos jumping into a foam pit. Although reluctant at first to understand exactly what a trampoline park entailed, students quickly realized the fun and excitement of bouncing around, and learned how to play dodgeball! Students were eager to come back another day, perhaps for the neon night on Fridays, where SkyZone serves pizza, popcorn, and transforms into a blacklight neon trampoline party!

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