Movies and Munchies for Session Break

This weekend, students had a 4-day session break, and while some spent their free time off-campus exploring Boston and the region, many students took advantage of the fantastic weekend events to get into the Halloween spirit and get to know the local area.

First up was a classic Halloween movie night, where SAs Brianna and Kayla hosted a viewing of Hocus Pocus! After trips to Salem, shopping at the costume store, watching scary movies, and jack-o-lantern carving, students have really embraced the Halloween season here in the US! Accompanied by some soda and snacks, students were in for a great movie night last Friday.

Over the weekend, some outdoor events had to be cancelled due to rain, but students still got out of MAIA and explored a nearby Chinese market. Students shopped and filled carts with their favorite chinese snacks and goodies to bring a taste of home back to their new home at MAIA.

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