Halloween at MAIA!!

To start off Halloween Day, students went through a spooky Haunted House created by staff and faculty members at MAIA. This is a tradition that has been continued from past years and turned out to be a great success after many students ran through screaming from scary doctor and patients, ghosts, spiders, coffins, and other characters popping out at them! Some even went through twice! At the end Tigger and a fuzzy lion were there to pass out candy to help recover from the scariness!

Check out the trailer on Facebook here! https://www.facebook.com/MassIntAcademy/videos/1719158434764003/

After resting up from the Haunted, House, MAIA students had a spooktacular time at our Halloween Party right here on campus! They let their creativity run wild with face-paint and took some amazing pictures at our photoshoot. There were plenty of tricks and treats- gooey caramel apples, spooky candy gloves, lollipop ghosts, bloody punch, hot apple cider, Halloween cupcakes, and pumpkin cookies. Students enjoyed games and competitions, and had a scarily good time! Photos from the party are below!

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