On the Ice and Out on the Town

Last weekend, MAIA students went out into the local community to enjoy the winter weather and sample some new cuisine! First, we had a record number of students go ice skating at a local rink on Sunday. Some students were quick to skate laps around the rink, while some brave first-timers also came along and made huge strides in their skating. Studying abroad is all about risk-taking! We had a blast embracing the chilly weather, and already have requests to run another trip soon.

Later in the week, students were treated to a meal with a show! At a local Hibachi restaurant, MAIA students were served their meal alongside a chef who's show included many tricks that give new meaning to "playing with your food". There were flames, sizzling steaks, and onion towers, and a night never complete without some dessert int he form of fried ice cream.

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