Weekends Off-Campus: Celtics Game and Local Art Museum

This weekend, MAIA students got off campus and into many parts of the surrounding community! Friday had many students off in Boston at the Celtics game, Boston's professional basketball team. Many new MAIA students as well as a few returning students joined this classic American NBA basketball event!

It was a really great match and students got to eat traditional stadium snacks like chicken tenders, pizza and hot dogs. Fan signs were on all the seats so they got to wave them while cheering on the local Celtics with the rest of the crowd. During half time, many students went to the NBA store and bought souvenirs like hats, shirts, and jerseys to take back with them! Everyone had a wonderful night and enjoyed the game!

On Saturday, an SA and a group of 13 students visited the Worcester Art Museum. This museum offered various paintings, sculptures, and metalwork for MAIA students to observe and learn about. At the museum, students were able to take in art from the US and around the world. In addition to learning about the various art in the museum's collection, students were able to interact with locals as the made their way through the various exhibits.

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