Cafes and Cooking to end Session 3!

As Session 3 came to a close for MAIA students, they had plenty of chances to relax through attending SA-planned events including cooking lessons with SA Rachael and taking a trip to a local cafe! Last Monday, students enjoyed a delicious Thai Coconut Curry on Monday night at MAIA. SA Rachael gathered a group of students to learn how to make this delicious dish in the SA kitchen from scratch! One of the students actually accompanied SA Rachael to the store to buy ingredients and pick out what they wanted to go into the dish. Some students had the opportunity to cook for the very first time, but they all worked together to make authentic Thai curry.

Later that week, students were able to relax and hang out after purchasing ice cream or coffee on Main Street in Hudson, the town just minutes from Marlborough. They also discovered a quaint lake nearby with a very picturesque view to take some photographs. The students really enjoyed the outing and it was a nice treat to end finals week!

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