Spring Break! Hot Pot, Board Games, Farmer's Markets and Snow

Although springtime often is associated with flowers, sunshine, and warming temperatures, this March at MAIA has been a little different. Although Spring Break was last week, and many students traveled to warmer destinations such as Florida, Las Vegas, and back home to China, those who stayed on campus got to embrace two snowstorms, with another one on the way!

Early in the week, a group went to eat Hot Pot near campus, and stopped by the Asian Market. This was an enjoyable experience for all and a nice reminder of home.

During a snowstorm this week, students played board games such as chess, Settlers of Catan, Jenga, and cards to embrace the snowstorm by staying inside and bonding throughout the day.

Lastly, some students went on a trip to a local Farmer's Market this week, where they got an early taste of Spring. They sampled local delicacies, explored a huge greenhouse, and brought home plants to brighten up their rooms at MAIA.

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