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MAIA Welcomes Fall with Witch Week

Last week, MAIA kicked off October with a series of spooktacular autumn and Halloween-themed events. This eerie extravaganza included a movie night, potion making, slime fest, Halloween history lessons, a scavenger hunt, and a trip to Salem, Massachusetts, one of America's scariest cities. Throughout the week, students and staff were creeping it real both on and off-campus.

Although Halloween is a popular holiday throughout the US, Salem's history gives MAIA students an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience during the spookiest month of the year. As students learned during their Halloween history lesson, Salem was the sight of the infamous Salem Witch Trials (1692-1693). Students visited Salem with several SAs to explore the town's history firsthand, including museums, historical architecture, and the famous graveyard memorials to the victims of the trial.

Students Angel Angel Xu, James Zhang, and April Jin celebrate winning the scavenger hunt with their prizes

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