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A Spooky and Educational October Continues at MAIA

As the temperatures continue to drop, MAIA's students and staff are making the most of the spookiest month of the year with both work and play. On the academic side of things, the Student Services team, led by our Director Rachael Elliot, took students to tour the campus of the University of Delaware, one of our largest partner schools. MAIA also emphasizes cultural experiences, though, and so our annual Halloween party took center stage this month as well.

Halloween is a ubiquitously celebrated, usually secular holiday in the US. Children go from house to house for free handouts of candy and other treats, and both adults and young people often dress up to attend parties or do arts and crafts. At MAIA, the SAs put on a great shindig with costumes, games, and cookie decorating! Good times were had by all, although some students left with a stomach ache after overindulging in sweets!

Students Haylee Yang and Matt Guo try their hands at cookie decoration

It's not all fun and games at MAIA, though, and we've also been preparing our students for a successful adjustment to university life. As such, visits to our partner schools are a crucial part of our curriculum! This month, MAIA staff took our University of Delaware students on a three-day trip to visit the campus and see what awaits them next year! They learned about academic requirements, residence life. They even tried the food at the dining hall! As a special treat, former MAIA students who now attend UD formed a panel to interact with current students and answer their questions!

Students Steve Ye and James Zhang look over UD's beautiful quad.

As always, MAIA students continue to develop both their academic and cultural competency in preparation for a successful transition to university life in the US. We hope that along the way they also manage to make some lasting memories!

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