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Students Stave off Winter Woes with Warm Hearts

The leaves have fallen and the snow is here; winter has officially come to our corner of New England. Since the first snow of November, students and staff have engaged in a variety of activities to warm both the body and the heart.

On November 17th, SAs Alonso and Franco took over twenty students ice skating at Navin Arena, a local skating rink in Marlborough. Although the line for skates was long, students were happy to be able to get out and enjoy a wintertime activity with classmates and local residents. MAIA security officer Josh (a former ice hockey player) even joinged the event to help teach the basics!

Students Zhou Zhou, April Jin Bu, and Emily Chen show off their skating skills!

On November 27th, SA Jalilah and ten students volunteered at the Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter in Nashua, New Hampshire. The Shelter is a local non-profit organization dedicated to "providing food and shelter to those in need." It serves the local community and depends largely upon donations and a volunteer workforce to keep its doors open. SA Jalilah and MAIA's students showed their community spirit by helping to organize and prepare food.

Student April Jinbu
Student James Yumo Zhang helps organize food in the pantry

Although the weather may be growing cold, the MAIA community remains as warm as ever as the holiday season continues!

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