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Students Get Busy as January Winds Down

Session three is officially underway, and MAIA students and staff have been keeping busy with new clubs and events to enrich the cultural and educational experiences of MAIA's student body. In keeping with MAIA's philosophy of holistic education, the Student Services department has been offering a wide array of programming to students and staff alike.

On January 16, the MAIA faculty and staff showcased their clubs for students at the biannual club fair. SAs offer a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs for students, from cooking, to exercise, to astrology and history. Most clubs meet once weekly after classes. However, some clubs, like English Table (students practice English with staff) or Magic: The Gathering club meet during lunch time. SAs advertised their clubs, and students were invited to create their own with help from their favorite staff members.

The MAIA club fair kicks off in the atrium

Students celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a viewing of the beloved film Our Friend, Martin, and a history lesson with SA Takobian. This film, originally released in 1999, teaches the importance of the Dr. King's work to America's Civil Rights Movement, and its continuing impact upon our society today.

Rain Tang, SA Takobian, and Steve Ye pose for a photo after the viewing

Ever the crafty sort, SA Jason took students to a local venue to paint their own pottery and get in touch with their inner artists on January 28. Several students welcomed this opportunity to trade in their pens and pencils for paint brushes, helping to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Students Nico Wei and Bella Xu display their artistic prowess

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