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MAIA Students Dive Into Language Exchange and Cultural Enrichment

MAIA's language learners have started out February with plethora of extra-curricular activities, especially those geared at cultural and linguistic exchange. MAIA students have taken trips to local schools and libraries for language exchange, and also celebrated American holidays throughout the month.

On February eighth, MAIA students traveled to Walsh Middle School in nearby Framingham, MA to participate in a Chinese New Year Celebration with the school's Chinglish Club. MAIA and Walsh students have a long-standing tradition of language exchange, which allows both groups to gain valuable experience in communication with native speakers of English and Chinese. MAIA students spent several weeks helping their counterparts at Walsh prior to the event, and were happy to see all of the hard work pay off with a performance of song, dance, and poetry.

Students Chris Ye, James Zhang, Jeremy Liu, Nick Wan, Yiming Chen help set up for the performance

To celebrate Valentine's Day, MAIA's students were given the chance to purchase a rose for their special someone at school as a token of affection or friendship. On February 14th, these roses were delivered to their lucky recipients by MAIA staff. Some came with signed cards, while others were from anonymous admirers!

Student Kasa Ni receives a Valentine's Day rose purchased for her by a classmate

On February 15, students also participated in a Chinese New Year-themed talent show at

Marlboro High School. This time students got to showcase their own talents, and impressed their American high-school counterparts with stunning displays of song and dance. Several different acts were featured, including a performance of the beloved Chinese song 小苹果 Xiao Pingguo.

MAIA students pose for a photo after their spectacular performance at Marlboro High School's talent show

All things considered, February has been a fun, enriching month for MAIA so far!

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