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Pancakes and Hoops!

MAIA's students and staff are always looking for creative ways releave the stress of study and work, as well as to learn more about different cultures. Early March has provided them an opportunity to do both; although the weather may still be chilly outside, students were treated to fun indoor activiteis including attending the Boston Celtics basketball game against the Houston Rockets and a celebration of Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday" in French), also known as Shrove Tuesday, is a traditional Christian feast day known by many names and celebrated in many countries. Traditionally, it occurs right before the beginning of Lent. Although it began as a religious holiday, Mardi Gras is now celebrated by many people who just enjoy the parades, great food, and colorful dress. To mark the occasion at MAIA, SA Jason made some traditional Mardi Gras pancakes decorated with sprinkles for students to enjoy.

SA Jason serves up pancakes to students Rain Tang and staff memberJessica Li

As always, MAIA students are also fans of the Boston Celtics basketball team, and were happy to accompany SA Sam to the Celtics-Rockets game in Boston. Although the Celtics lost by a few points, students still had a great time watching the contest at the TD Garden Arena. Students enjoyed tasty snacks and posed for a great photo with the incrediblae backdrop!

Students Kaisen Liu, Yiming Chen, Bill He, Joy Xia, Kyrie Chen, Sebastian Ni, and Shihan Chen at the Celtics game

As the year goes on, stay tuned for more updates on student life at MAIA!

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