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Spring Break and Back to School: MAIA Students Enjoy Fun in the Sun Before Getting Back to the Books

Winter has finally begun to abate, and MAIA's students had a chance to enjoy a few days of well-earned rest and relaxation over spring break. Far from simply puttering around campus, students seized the season with Spring-themed activities, including a trip Newport, RI, and planting a school garden.

From March 11 to March 13, SAs Leah and Jalilah took students on a spring break trip to the beautiful coastal town of Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is one of America's oldest cities, and his home to beautiful beaches, stately colonial mansions, and delicious seafood. Our students sampled the local fare from pancakes to raw oysters, and of course caught some sun on the beach. After a few days of fun an adventure, it was time to get back to the real world with the beginning of session three on Monday, 3/18.

Students James Zhang, Huibin Wang, Eason Xu, and Ken Zhou jump for joy

Meanwhile, SA Jason, our resident green thumb, helped students welcome the renewal of nature by planting a MAIA garden. Students planted an herb garden in small, individual pots to be housed in a green house until the weather becomes warm enough to sustain them outside. In addition, students also learned about the culinary and medicinal uses of all the plants.

Student Chris Ye shows off his green thumb

With all of these fun spring break activities, some folks had a hard time going back to class on Monday! As the week progressed, though, everyone managed to get back into the productive swing of things.

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