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Springtime Comes to MAIA

Spring has officially come to MAIA; the snow has gone and the turkeys have returned to frolic about the campus. Not to be outdone by those felicitous fowl, MAIA's students have also eagerly seized the opportunity enjoy the plentiful sunshine of a Massachusetts spring. Students got busy with activities such as boxing lessons and friendly game of outdoor basketball against the staff as the campus and its surroundings buzz with activity.

Though the match may have been friendly, the competition was tough. Students Henry Jinyuan Huang, Kyrie Haozhen Chen, and Yiming Chen put up a fierce struggle against Mr. J.P. Sit from the faculty, and Sam Bor and Haohao Guo from Student Services, but old age and treachery overcame youth and skill. The staff narrowly defeated the students, but both teams showed great sportsmanship and posed for a photo afterward. This was an excellent opportunity for students to interact with faculty and staff in a fun, stress-free environment. After all, teachers are people, too!

From left to right, the aforementioned staff members and students pose for a photo

Having recently seen the new Creed film, MAIA students also jumped at the chance to participate in an introductory boxing class at nearby Title Boxing gym. Students learned to duck, weave, and jab and worked with a professional instructor to grasp the fundamentals of pugilism. Students Ken Zize Zhou, Huibin Wang, Chris Chenxu Ye, and Bill Tianye He accompanied SA Sam to the lesson. As university application deadlines approach, school can become more hectic and stressful for some students. Activities like this are a great chance for students to blow off steam and stay healthy and productive.

Research has shown that regular exercise contributes to healthy cognitive function and overall emotional health; spring is the perfect time to get out and be active. With any luck MAIA's students and staff will continue their healthy habits into the summer.

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