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Alumni Return to MAIA for Alumni Day and Share Their Experiences With Current Students

On April 27, MAIA hosted one of its most anticipated annual events, Alumni Day. Former MAIA students who have since headed off to university returned to campus for a day of fun and games, but also to share their experience and wisdom with current students. Students and alumni shared a delicious meal of Chinese BBQ along with burgers and hot dogs, and enjoyed some much-needed stress relief with fun activities such as tie-dye, lawn games, and even a petting zoo. MAIA's faculty and staff also joined in the fun, and many teachers brought their families along.

Part of MAIA's mission is to foster a sense of lasting community among students, staff, and alumni. Alumni day is one of the few opportunities for all parties to come together and enjoy one another's company.

Student Bill Tianye He and teacher Henry Gerlits pose for a photo during the alumni day celebration

To facilitate interaction between current students and alumni, MAIA's student services planned several fun activities, including making tie-dye shirts. Plain shirts are tied into knots and dyed with bright colors to make custom designs.

Current and former MAIA students gather around to make their own custom t-shirts

However, the most important aspect of alumni day is the opportunity it presents for our students to learn what really awaits them at an American university. Students had the chance to ask tough questions, and get uncensored answers from students who attend their current universities right now, and are more familiar with daily life on-campus. Which building is the student health center located in? Can I get tutoring if I'm struggling with a class? Where's the best place to study on campus? How do you balance school work and your social life? These are all important questions that alumni can answer!

All in all, alumni day was a huge success for students and staff alike! We hope current students will also return to campus next year to impart their new-found wisdom.


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