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MAIA Students Continue to Explore

Session five has officially begun, and MAIA is abuzz with activity as students and staff try to make the last few weeks of school count, and prepare to head off to bigger and better things at university. Although things are busy, the good folks in the Student Services department still make it a priority to provide extracurricular programming to allow students to kick back and enjoy new experiences. Earlier this month, SA Leah Boccaccio took students to the New England Air Museum, and SA Franco led a good old-fashioned mini-golf outing.

The New England Air Museum houses the region's largest collection of aircraft, helicopters, and other aeronautical artifacts. The museum houses and restores various aircraft large and small, such as the B-29 Superfortress, and provides education to the public on aviation. Visitors can get up close with pieces of history, and even climb into the cock pit of the restored aircraft!

Student Eric Deng sits behind the controls of a restored aircraft.

Students Joe Zhao, Bill He, Huibin Wang, Kaisen Yang pose for a photo with SA Leah.

Students also continued to enjoy the increasingly warm weather with the time-honored American tradition of mini-golf. Trombetta's Farm, a local establishment shop that's at once an antique store, flower shop, ice cream stand, and mini-golf venue, was their destination with SA Franco. Although the students made a valiant effort, SA Franco managed to come out in first place with a low of 49 strokes on 18 holes.

Students Bill He, Huibin Wang, and Kaisen Yang enjoy an ice cream cone after a friendly match of mini-golf.

Finding fun and educational things to do in the local area is the bread and butter of the Student Services department at MAIA, and we're happy to share these enriching experiences with our students!

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