Christmas Is Coming to MAIA

Christmas is almost here, and MAIA's students and staff have been getting into the holiday spirit! Of course, Christmas is one of the most popular and widely-celebrated holidays in the US. But every town and every family has its own unique celebratory traditions. People often celebrate with a special meal or family outing to mark the occasion. At MAIA, students were treated to a lobster dinner and a trip to participate in the Christmas Festival of Lights in Attleboro, MA.

Lobster is New England's most well-known culinary delicacy, and MAIA's students frequently travel to Boston to get sample this sumptuous seafood. In the US, lobster is usually served boiled with warm butter for dipping, and a side of boiled vegetables. The student services staff richly decorated the cafeteria, and students enjoyed a feast with staff and their families. Everyone enjoyed the delicious holiday treat.

Outside of campus, SAs Leah and Jalilah took students to enjoy some more aesthetic holiday amusements in neighboring Attleboro, MA. The Christmas Festival of Lights is an annual local tradition, where guests can take in the beautiful holiday light displays, and even create their own Christmas ornaments. Our students took a leisurely nighttime stroll to appreciate the lights, and stopped for some craft time.

As Christmas approaches, MAIA's students and staff are sharing in the spirit of giving and love!

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