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lobster Dinner

On the evening of December 18th, the students, faculty and staff got together in the dining hall at MAIA, enjoyed a New England seafood tradition - a Maine lobster dinner and a “Yankee Swap” gift exchange event, to welcome the coming 2019 Christmas.

Maine lobsters are usually caught during the day by fisherman who live in villages along the northeast coast and were shipped to Boston on the same day - that is why they are famous for authentic fresh taste! Before dinner, the SAs decorated dinner tables with ocean blue tablecloths, and put silver snowflakes and firework trees on each table, creating a hilarious spirit for the dinner. At 5:00pm, the classic steamed Maine Lobster with sides of corn, potato, green salads, and desserts were ready for serving. Wearing lobster bibs around their necks, and armed with metal lobster crackers, students started to demonstrate their lobster-eating skills, though it was a bit challenging for the ones who were eating lobster for the first time! It was definitely a joyful experience to share the delicious dinner together with the MAIA family. Some students are going to graduate from MAIA in the next two days, and we hope they can bring this moment with them and remember the blessing from MAIA.

During the dinner, DSS Rachael announced the students’ names who would graduate from MAIA and the various awards they were nominated for by faculty and SAs.

During dinner, there was a gift exchange activity in the atrium. The gifts were contributed voluntarily and randomly distributed to any one person. Everyone was excited to choose and to open the unexpected, surprising or unsurprising gift packages. We know that we enjoy the gifts not just for the gift, but cherish the feeling of being thought of and loved by the people around us.

We have had so many highlights moments together from September to December at school and we are sending our best wishes for everyone at MAIA: Merry 2019 Christmas and Happy 2020 new year!

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