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Dumpling-Making on the Eve of Chinese New Year

In China, the families always make, cook, and eat dumplings on Lunar New Year's Eve, which is a traditional way that Chinese people celebrate their most important festival. On Friday afternoon, SAs Sam and Peter prepared dumpling stuffing, dumpling skins, trays, and everything else needed for making dumplings, with the help of the MAIA Kitchen. Students Jane, Amber, Dean, Ricky, Jack, Tony, Louis, and Sherry came to join the event, and had a lot of fun making their own handmade dumplings. Everyone had some different skills and made a variety of “new style” dumplings. The dumplings were promptly cooked in the kitchen. Dipping the dumplings in Zhejiang vinegar and Hunan hot sauce, our students acquired an authentic Chinese festival joy in that afternoon at MAIA.

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