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Whether you are enjoying conversations with American university students, or playing soccer to stay active, MAIA will introduce you to life-enriching people, ideas and experiences.




Each student is assigned a Student Advisor who will assist him or her in his/her acculturation and matriculation process. Student Advisors will meet with each student individually and in groups to discuss adjustment to the U.S., grades, campus visits, college applications, test strategies, social situations, and more.



MAIA offers an array of clubs that not only extend students' education outside of the classroom, but also provide students with an opportunity to interact with their student advisors, teachers, and classmates while doing something they enjoy. 



Events are an integral part of life at MAIA. Run be student advisors, these activities help ease students' assimilation into American culture. MAIA offers both academic and social activities for students.

In addition to clubs and events, MAIA offers a variety of facilities and services for students. In the building, students have the opportunity to utilize a community TV lounge, study areas, school library, ping pong room, dance room,  billiards room, and sports complex.

Resources for Students

Marlborough, home of MAIA, is a historic town located in the west o downtown Boston.

Learn more about things happen in Marlborough and how to get around. 

Having questions about MAIA?

 Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on Campus. Please contact us if you have further questions about life in MAIA.

Here are some frequently used forms for MAIA students. Please download or fill out a form if you have questions about Driving, Transcript, Calendar,  Matriculation, etc.

Learning Center is an amazing resource for current students that are  searching for one-on-one learning opportunities. Make an appointment here!

MAIA built a 24-seat, ETS approved test site, for TOEFL testing. MAIA schedules two TOEFL tests per month.  MAIA students who express interest in taking the TOEFL ahead of time can reserve a spot for a test date that best fits their needs.

All MAIA matriculated students are members of MAIA family. Here are some useful resources for alumni.

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