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Formal Complaint Procedures
This Student Complaint Policy does not supersede specific policies involving special cases such as grade appeals, sexual harassment, appeal and due process, etc.  A student who wishes to file a formal complaint with MAIA must complete and submit the formal MAIA Complaint Form to the appropriate administrator. 


  • Administrative Complaint Acknowledgment: Formal complaints will be forwarded to the administrator most immediately responsible for the area to which the complaint pertains. The administrator will send a written acknowledgment to the student within five working days of receiving the complaint indicating: 

    • that the formal complaint form has been received

    • the nature of the complaint and

    • that the student will receive a written response after deliberation within ten working days.


  • Copies of the written student complaint and the acknowledgement letter will be kept in the student’s file.


  • Administrative Deliberation and Response: If the administrator to whom the complaint is forwarded determines that the nature of the complaint is beyond his/her area of supervision or expertise, a more senior administrator in the area should be consulted and may be requested to respond to the student. Administrative disposition of the complaint will generally consist of investigation into the source of the complaint, previous efforts to resolve the issue, and any contingencies that will aid in the deliberation and disposition of the problem. The responding administrator will send the student a written statement of attempted resolution to the problem. All formal student complaints will be forwarded upon resolution to the Director of Student Services by each administrator where a log will be kept.


  • Student Appeal Process: Upon receiving a deliberation response to the written complaint, the student has the right of appeal to successive levels of relevant administrators. This appeal must be made in writing within five working days of receiving the Administrative response. In each case, the student will receive an acknowledgement of the complaint within five working days and a deliberation response within ten working days from the date of the acknowledgment letter.


  • Administrative Levels for Student Complaints: 

    • Academic Leadership Team- course content, class changes, level changes, student-teacher conflicts, academics, academic discipline 

    • Finance Office - tuition, reimbursements

    • Director of Student Services– non-academic disciplinary action, registration, matriculation scores, clubs/organizations, activities, staff related concerns, information technology, dormitories, facilities complaints, roommate issues


The only appeal beyond an administrator is to the Vice President. The decision of the Vice President will be final.

Click Here to Open Formal Complaint Form

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