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Go to the student forms page here. You can choose from maintenance (when you have an issue with your bathroom, heater/AC unit, lights),  IT (when you have a problem with an electronic device such as your TV or computer), or housekeeping (when you have a problem with cleaning).

How do I request something to be fixed?




Come to the front desk and give the office assistant or Security Guard on duty your ID card in exchange for the item you desire. Your card will be returned to you when you bring back what you borrowed.

Can I borrow sporting equipment?

I don't have my key card, how do I get into my room?

If you lose your room card or leave it in your room you must go to the front desk. Each time you leave your room card in your room you will have to pay $10.00. Replacing a lost room card is $15.00.

Can I get a drivers license?

Due to recent changes in the law, international students have some restrictions to getting a driver's license in the state of Massachusetts. Please see below for some basic information:

  • International students must have a visa good for at least 12 months to begin the license process

  • Most students attending MAIA only have a 9-11 month I-20 which makes a student ineligible to get a license

  • You may look into beginning the process once you have been accepted and have your new I-20 for your university

  • The USA does not allow students to drive with a Chinese license; so even if you learned to drive in China, driving with that license here is not allowed

For more information or any questions, please visit the SA Office

Yes! Student Advisors and faculty are here to support your learning and are available to help you with your assignments or paper editing. Please visit the learning center page to make an appointment with an SA. You can also visit your teacher during office hours. The library is also open during the week for additional resources.

Can I get help with my homework?

Students can come to the Mail Room between 2:30 and 3:30 on weekdays and during posted hours on weekends to ask for their packages.

When can I come to pick up a package?

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