Apple Picking and King Richard's Faire

Students got a true introduction to the fall season in New England with two exciting events this week: a trip to Apple Picking at the nearby Berlin Orchards, and to King Richard's Faire!

First on the calendar was the King Richard's Faire, a unique event that took students inside the world of the Renaissance Era. Exciting performances and activities like archery and knife throwing were enjoyed by the seven students who joined SA Brianna on the trip. The students practiced their English in a unique setting and got to try many new exciting things. At the faire, students went "back in time" to the Middle Ages and saw a real live joust, ate giant turkey legs and ice cream sundaes, interacted with performers and actors, met characters from TV shows and video games, saw baby tigers, and explored the shops and stores of the fairground! It was a fun day all around and everyone went home very happy and very full.

A great history lesson and introduction to American fairs and festivals!

Next on the schedule was a trip to Berlin Orchards on September 17th. Here, students spent the afternoon tasting apples that were picked right off of the tree, filled bags with apples to bring back to school, ate freshly made apple cider donuts, drank apple cider, rode in a hay wagon, and even fed some farm animals! For many, this was their first time picking their own fresh fruit. Even the students that don't like to eat apples tasted a few. Everyone had a great afternoon enjoying the fresh air and delicious food at Berlin Orchards.

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