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Halloween Party 2020

On the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct.29, MAIA's atrium became a sea of joy. Our students, faculty, and staff joined the costume party, enjoyed bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, and painting their own faces. The atrium was full of laughter and passionate spirits- this turned the afternoon to a wonderful Halloween celebration. SAs designed the haunted house and decorated the walls, the posts, and the railings with all kinds of props, and provided a traditional American Halloween scene for our students. It was a memorable and delightful afternoon - a fun time for all members of the MAIA community.

1. Students are carving pumpkins

2. DSS Rachael & Student Jane Liang

3. Wonderful Jack-o'-lantern by Berry

4. Bobbing for Apples competition

5. Students receiving perfect attendance awards

6. SA Peter and Sam in Costume

7. Focusing on pumpkin carving

8. Ms. Brown asking Bai a tricky grammar question

9. Supportive faculty

10.Cookie Decoration

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