New York City Trip!

This weekend, Rachael and Caroline took about 20 students to New York City! A thriving metropolis. students were quick to use their city skills and experience a trip with lots of independence, exploration, and new opportunities to practice English and embracing studying in a new country. For many students, this trip was the first time they had been to New York City, and students were excited by the hustle and bustle of the big, crowded city with skyscrapers and constant activity. Quite a change from Marlborough! On Friday, we headed down to New York City after classes and checked into out hotel on the Upper West Side. On Saturday, students joined SA Caroline on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they spent most of their time in the European arts rooms, and also enjoying the African and American art. The museum has a massive collection, and thus we were unable to cover the whole museum, but we tired our best! On Sunday, Rachael took students to see the Statue of Liberty, an important monument in American history. They learned about the meaning of the statue, and got to travel on a boat cruise to Ellis Island, where many immigrants first stepped foot on American land. Tired after a long weekend, every student slept soundly on our drive back to MAIA, just in time for another week of classes!

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