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MAIA Students Warm Hearts and Appreciate Culture as Weather Cools

As the weather grows cold and leaves fall here in New England, MAIA's students, faculty, and staff have found ways to keep their hearts and minds warm. Emphasizing MAIA's values of community and intercultural learning, students have participated in a diverse set of events during this first week of November.

On November 1st, SA Jalilah took students to perform volunteer service at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, a volunteer home improvement center that provides working families with donated home improvement supplies such as tools and furniture. Students and SA Jalilah worked hard to make a difference at ReStore, serving customers and rolling up their sleeves to stock shelves with merchandise. Students Rain Yu Tang, Ken Zize Zhou, Chris Chenxu Ye, Steve Yuqi Ye, Adrian Yile Li, and Allen Wenyue Wu all participated in the effort. They gained valuable experiences for the future, and served the local community.

Students help stock merchandise at ReStore

Not to be outdone, SA Alonso led students to the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA, to marvel at the wonderful historical artifacts on November 5th. Students were treated to a wide array of art and artifacts that displayed Russian culture, especially religious icons and images of the Russian Orthodox faith. Students learned more about the cultural diversity of the US, and even got to practice a few words of Russian!

Students Lucky Shitong Yan and Chris Chenxu Ye appreciating the artwork

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