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Naughty and Nice: MAIA Students Show Compassion for Strangers, but No Mercy for Teachers in Dodgebal

MAIA boasts a student body of kind, thoughtful individuals who, in addition to studying hard to achieve their academic goals, love to support the local community. However, many students also could not pass up an opportunity to take on their teachers in a friendly game of dodgeball in the school gymnasium.

On February 26, SA Alonso Artiega and several students visited nearby Ascend Hospice, a medical care facility that seeks to improve quality of life for individuals suffering from long-term illnesses. Hospices often rely heavily upon volunteers, so when our students offered their assistance, the good folks at Ascend were happy to oblige! SA Alonso and the students helped Ascend staff to make cozy, hand-made blankets for hospice patients.

Students Haocheng Pan and Rain Tang carefully measure their cuts to create a superior product

However, MAIA's students also have a more bellicose side. On February 22, MAIA students and staff faced off in a thunderous clash of athletic ability in the annual students versus staff dodgeball game. Although the staff were eventually victorious, everyone enjoyed the friendly contest and the chance to unwind before final exams approach.

Students Bell He and Chris Ye prepare to pummel the staff team

Staff members Henry Gerlitz, Sam Bor, Jon Gallardo, and Daniel Petrelli attempt to fend off the students' attack

As we hope for the early coming of Spring, MAIA's students and staff are keeping their spirits high!

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