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MAIA Students Showcase Their Talents

Graduation is almost upon us here at MAIA; students and staff are always seeking new ways to cope with stressful matriculation deadlines and other requirements. In order to stave off the pressure, the Student Services department devised a way for students to cut loose and have some fun, while also showcasing their unique talents: the 2019 MAIA talent show. Students, teachers, and staff members all joined in the show to provide a stunning performance to their peers and colleagues. The show included performances from several students as well as Mr. Dan Petrelli (one of our ESL teachers), several SAs, and our very own Rachael Elliot, Director of Student Services.

Rachael Elliot, ESL Teacher Ani Gjika, and student MCs Amy Sun and Silvia Sun

Students Amy and Silvia Sun served as our MCs, and and the show was on. Student James Zhang sang us a beautiful number, and Rachael Elliot also sang the famous Chinese love song "The Moonlight Represents My Heart." All of the students were shocked to hear Ms. Rachael speak Chinese for the first time!

Student Bill He dressed as a teacher for his part in the teacher skit

Another memorable act was the teachers' skit. The teachers all pretended to be students and a student, Bill He, played the part of the MAIA teacher. The "students" humorously re-enacted some of the antics of real-life MAIA students, such as using their phones in class, chatting during lectures, and arriving late to class. It was all in good fun, and everyone shared a laugh at their own expense.

Staff members Ashley Sauseman, Jalilah Gonsalves, Leah Boccaccio and students April Bu, Stella Chen, and Amber Guan perform their dance

Our staff and students also collaborated on a K-Pop dance performance of the song "Mr. Chu," with a dance team composed of three students and three staff. The choreography was painstakingly perfected over a period of weeks, but the results were stunning. One could have been forgiven for thinking we were in Seoul rather than Massachusetts.

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