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MAIA Students Prepare for University as Graduation Approaches

Graduation is almost here, and MAIA's students and staff are treasuring their last weeks together as 22 June, graduation day, approaches. To make their final preparations for matriculation, our University of Delaware students took a two-day trip to the university's Newark campus. Even as the end of their tenure at MAIA approaches, students also continue to explore the local community, including our local historical gem, the Wayside Inn.

Our visit to the University of Delaware was much anticipated, as students are on the verge of making one of the biggest transitions of their lives when they matriculate to American universities later this summer. They got their first taste of university life, both figuratively and literally. In both the cafeteria and the classroom, students were treated to an unforgettable experience. UD's Assistant Director of International Admissions, Erin Bastien was on hand to orient the students on what they can expect at college! Also present were MAIA alumni who now attend UD! They shared their own experiences on what it takes to transition successfully to independent living at the university.

SAs Jalilah, Kobi, and Sam took students to get a taste of university life!  Former student Chester Huang speaks to the class.

Some intrepid students have also continued to explore the local community, determined to make the most of their last few weeks at school. The Wayside Inn is the oldest continuously running restaurant and bar in the United States, and predates the founding of the country in 1775, with origins stretching all the way back to 1690! Students Huibin Wang and Bill He enjoyed classic American dishes such as butternut squash soup and Indian pudding! The Inn grounds are also home to a Colonial-era windmill and schoolhouse.

Bill He and Huibin Wang pose next to the famous Wayside Inn's sign

We'll be sad to see our students go, but we're glad their making the most of their last month at MAIA!

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